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16th Birthday by ChubbehPanda 16th Birthday :iconchubbehpanda:ChubbehPanda 1 0 Cassy (Request) by ChubbehPanda Cassy (Request) :iconchubbehpanda:ChubbehPanda 2 4
His eyes
The way your eyes twinkle,the way every word that rolls off your tongue  sounds like butter. The numbness I feel around you. My heart flutters uncontrollably around you. Your glazed lifeless eyes are etched into my brain.
I watched as the puddle of your life soaked onto your favourite shirt. I could not stop, could not save you...

All my life
My hopes
My everything

Gone, taken from me
In the blink of a golden eye my lover was gone,a crumpled case of the man I once held. Once romantically kissed until unable to move. His once vibrant blue eyes now a dim hopeless blue.

I lost my space man ..
I am sorry
I feel so empty,so alone
I can't help it
It hurts
I don't want to listen
Nor do I wish to talk
I just want to be alone
I cannot run away for I am trapped
Guilt. Pain. Uselessness is all I feel
But I can't help it
Have I not brought it upon my self ?

I watched as the fear crossed over his pale completion. I remember running over yelling your name. In a desperate leap
:iconchubbehpanda:ChubbehPanda 2 0
Barney Gumble by ChubbehPanda Barney Gumble :iconchubbehpanda:ChubbehPanda 3 0 Dumbo by ChubbehPanda Dumbo :iconchubbehpanda:ChubbehPanda 2 2 Dopey  (Snowwhite) by ChubbehPanda Dopey (Snowwhite) :iconchubbehpanda:ChubbehPanda 1 0
Paralysed - Ridgphos ficet. Part 3
We'll do it all
on our own
We don't need
Or anyone

When I awoke, my eyes were watering, his red coat laid on me, his scent once again filling my senses. I tried to tilt my head and found myself able to move a little.  I then tried desperately to wiggle my fingers and they eventually responded. I grabbed his jacket and held it closer, my teary eyes blinking as I scanned the room. I tried to scan the building for life but instead received a shock, my heart pounded in my throat and I suddenly felt very nauseated. If I could look in a mirror I could swear my hair was on ends. I leant over the bed and I looked down, my head spun, I tried to sit up but collapsed off of the bed, landing in a heap on the floor. The blanket tumbled on top of me and the lap behind me fell over, smashing into shards on the ground beside me.
“Ridge!?!” Lalna and Simon both charged in, my heart sunk a little when I realised Lewis was not behind them. I waved at them
:iconchubbehpanda:ChubbehPanda 6 2
Tobuscus (Toby turner) by ChubbehPanda Tobuscus (Toby turner) :iconchubbehpanda:ChubbehPanda 1 0 Jacksepcticeye and sam by ChubbehPanda Jacksepcticeye and sam :iconchubbehpanda:ChubbehPanda 1 2 Ridge and Paco by ChubbehPanda Ridge and Paco :iconchubbehpanda:ChubbehPanda 4 5 Matthias by ChubbehPanda Matthias :iconchubbehpanda:ChubbehPanda 6 2 Elf / Human (Luke) by ChubbehPanda Elf / Human (Luke) :iconchubbehpanda:ChubbehPanda 3 0 Water Nymph (Cyan) by ChubbehPanda Water Nymph (Cyan) :iconchubbehpanda:ChubbehPanda 2 0 Wood elf.  (Thorn) by ChubbehPanda Wood elf. (Thorn) :iconchubbehpanda:ChubbehPanda 2 4 Succubus/Mermaid Hybrid (Gwyn) by ChubbehPanda Succubus/Mermaid Hybrid (Gwyn) :iconchubbehpanda:ChubbehPanda 2 0
Mature content
Broken - Chapter 1? :iconchubbehpanda:ChubbehPanda 3 0

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Cute Monster by CuteReaper Cute Monster :iconcutereaper:CuteReaper 826 56 Doctor Who - The Cute Collection by cute-loot Doctor Who - The Cute Collection :iconcute-loot:cute-loot 2,283 179 Cute Monster Contest by Super-Cute Cute Monster Contest :iconsuper-cute:Super-Cute 520 138 Colorful, Happy and Cute by The-Cute-Storm Colorful, Happy and Cute :iconthe-cute-storm:The-Cute-Storm 6,445 477 Armin Arlert (Doctor Who AU) by Xarkinstar Armin Arlert (Doctor Who AU) :iconxarkinstar:Xarkinstar 1 0
This was a comment I posted on the latest yoglabs. (the block gun mod) If you haven't seen it, here: 
... that... ending... Yoglabs really is a horrible place isn't it? Simon clone #28 had the right idea. What they're doing is just... Wrong... (It makes for an entertaining video though!) I mean, That clone of Simon had never eaten a Jaffa cake! He'd never gone outside! He wasn't Simon, he was reduced to just an experiment, a lab rat, nothing.
:iconliliflower1:Liliflower1 5 15
Oh, my.. GOOD GOD!!! I’m BACK!! *hyperventilates* WHOO!! I SURVIVED THE U.S.!! Ya’ proud o’ me? … Yay!! Oh, Gods, I missed you guys SO MUCH!! It’s been killin’ me!! So glad I’m back, now! But, GUESS WHAT?! Two… TWO… days after coming back from a TWO MONTH HOLIDAY… I have to go back to school… IT SUCKS!! Not only is my ‘clock’ now set to America, but I’m only just starting to get used to normal life, again! Grrreat!
Wowzers, looking back… I’ve seen a HELL of a lot!! I’ll start from the beginning to give you an idea… So, I took the sixteen and a half hour flight to New York and stayed there… a week? I think? Then stayed just the day in Canada before catching the train to Washington D.C.. We stayed here five, or so, days and then flew to Memphis. Here, we stayed only two or three days before flying to Orlando, Florida. We stayed here three weeks and then took the f
:iconsjinsshadow:SjinsShadow 4 94
oh crap
me: *listening to an audio thing*
me: sounds kinda weird
me: oh **** my headphones weren't plugged in ****
Thank god I'm in my room and didn't listen to the other audio post... pff
:iconlightgirl312:LightGirl312 1 0
not again
*stays up until 1-2AM doing random shit* aesthetic
:iconlightgirl312:LightGirl312 1 0
I wanna do more Yog watercolors
I might do Nilesy next, then I will take a few requests
:iconwondlalovin:Wondlalovin 3 3
after staying up all night yesterday, i'm ready to drop now.
:iconlightgirl312:LightGirl312 1 2
I've got 99 problems and a set of headphones that don't have a fucking flaw in them within a month is 50 of them
Edit: i'm gonna perform some fucking surgery with scissors and scotch tape because I have no fucks to give and I want to hear without shit sounding fucked
Edit: Alright nevermind, dad's gonna buy me a new jack instead of me doing surgery.
:iconlightgirl312:LightGirl312 1 1
Amazing Games/Series
That is a link to my Amazing Games/Series playlist on YouTube, which has a variety of games.
The thing is, I want to add more to this. So, if you see a game or series you think is great, and is not listed below, please recommend it to me with a YouTuber who played it/made it.
-To The Moon (Pewdiepie)
-Thomas Was Alone (YOGSCAST Rythian)
-Eternally Us (Pewdiepie)
-The Witch's House (Cryaotic)
-The Walking Dead (Season 1 video game episodes 1-5) (Pewdiepie)
-Among The Sleep (YOGSCAST Zoey)
-Gone Home (YOGSCAST Zoey)
-Journey (PewDiePie)
-The Walking Dead (Season 2 video game episodes 1-3) (Pewdiepie)
-Secrets of the Dwellers (CavemanFilms)
-The Mirror Lied (Cryaotic)
-Papo and Yo (Cryaotic)
-Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons (Cryaotic)
-Remember Me (Cryaotic)
-The Wolf Among Us (Episodes 1-5) (Cryaotic)
-Corpse Party (Chapters 1-5) (Pewdiepie)
-The Walking Dead 400 Days DLC (Pewdiepie)
-The Last of Us (Pewdiepie)
-The La
:iconcookienine:CookieNine 3 21
hey guys
 check out this cute as heck cheap adopt that sanity made and it's perfect and also a closed species
also go check out our joined adopt account
we post daily usually :iconwodsadopts:
:iconthedrawingwolf:TheDrawingWolf 3 4
don't give me ideas
On 1/25/2015, at 2:42 PM, Tops wrote:
> ... guys I'm out of milk
On 1/25/2015, at 2:42 PM, Tops wrote:
> how will I eat cereal now
On 1/25/2015, at 2:43 PM, Guard of Earth, Wolfy wrote:
> one time in college i think my dad tried cereal with soda
On 1/25/2015, at 2:43 PM, Guard of Earth, Wolfy wrote:
> i don't recommend that though
On 1/25/2015, at 2:43 PM, Sylph of Dawn, Wondla wrote:
> that sounds
On 1/25/2015, at 2:43 PM, Sylph of Dawn, Wondla wrote:
> awful
On 1/25/2015, at 2:43 PM, Guard of Earth, Wolfy wrote:
> yeeeah
On 1/25/2015, at 2:43 PM, Tops wrote:
> I'd try it.
On 1/25/2015, at 2:43 PM, Sylph of Dawn, Wondla wrote:
> tops no
On 1/25/2015, at 2:43 PM, Guard of Earth, Wolfy wrote:
> tops no
On 1/25/2015, at 2:43 PM, Tops wrote:
On 1/25/2015, at 2:43 PM, Sylph of Dawn, Wondla wrote:
On 1/25/2015, at 2:43 PM, Guard of Earth, Wolfy wrote:
> top sNO
On 1/25/2015, at 2:44 PM, Tops wrote:
On 1/25/2015, at 2:44 PM, Guard of Earth, Wolfy wrote:
:iconlightgirl312:LightGirl312 2 2


ChubbehPanda's Profile Picture
Artist | Student | Varied
I'm Panda.

I Play alot of games on steam and write fan fics mostly to the theme of sad or horror.

I don't fit in very well, anywhere but online.. ;-;

Hopefully, you like my stuff, take a look in my gallery perhaps? favs and comments are definitely appreciated!

Fandoms/ Things I be into

GMM ( Good Mythical Morning)
Doctor who
Star trek

I'm just your random geek/nerd ^~^


ChubbehPanda has started a donation pool!
2 / 100
Not that I need em, but hey if your feeling generous or just want give me some points for my art that would be awesome. xD

However don't feel obligated too cx

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Anyone know the song "Space is so cool" That was made form markipleirs videos of the space sandbox game?
(This one: )

I was thinking about remaking it with that song but in claymation. I thought having miniature clay mark singing and little stars and planets would be really cool.

Anyone think I should do it?
Any tips if i did?


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